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1xbet not to become a victim of scam or fraud



Hello fellow bettors and gamblers, we are referring directly to you. We are going to tell you our story, there is no happy end, but we hope that we are going to help some other bettors not to make our mistake. First of all,  I will not reveal my identity, but you can contact me directly by email if you had a similar experience, maybe we can help you or just only share your experience, nothing else.

Secondly, we are passionate bettors, that’s what we do for a living, and it is our main occupation. We always believed and we know that betting community it’s very strong, we are always struggling to find more information in order to beat the bookies and believe me its 24 hours job. But you already know that.

Let’s go to our main goal, which is not to become a victim of scam or fraud by the renowned, famous online betting company 1XBET. Our story begins with a simple bet, everything seems to be all right but, our biggest sin was winning the bet. That’s the moment when our problems started.

scam 1xbet

As I mentioned before we are betting big, our betting strategy seems to work, we are satisfied with the profit, we are not going to stop. Its good to know that this web post-primary goal is not a direct attack on a 1XBET online betting circus. Our goal is to protect you to become a victim, and now it’s a time to pay our debt to betting community. We lost our legally, rightful, hard-earned profit from 1XBET, but we are where we are and we are not going to cry about it.


We lost what we lost, and we made a decision to spent one part of our profit, in order to prevent bettors to make our mistake. This Post will be sponsored in next period to different websites we already determine a budget, take a few minutes to read it, just to know what is happening in the betting world. Everything that you are going to read and see here is 100% true and if there is some doubt, contact us we are going to send you not edited print screen, as you know we must do that to protect our identity.


Ok, lets start with a story, firstly we place our bet.


Then we are struggling to deposit funds, after two hours,  long and exciting conversation with 1xbet support, we came to a conclusion that we can not deposit funds from EU credit card. That’s ok but that should be the first question not the last. Nothing unusual, except the strange feeling that they are playing ping pong with you.



After we figure out how to deposit funds, which is not so easy, you know transfers, provisions, and how we deposit funds we are placing our bet. Pay attention to print screens below. Lucky us, Lucky winners, smart bettors.


This is the interesting part, our celebration ended shortly after we tried to withdraw our money, maybe 1XBET wants to keep your money in their wallet, but remember, this is friendly advice, always withdraw your profit. Why? Bookies always make a perfect strategy to keep your money there. More funds available, you are starting to betting big. Windrow your money then deposit smaller amount.




As you can see our withdrawal request is REJECTED. In this situation, you don’t have a choice, You must proceed, let’s find out the reason.

Ok no success, let’s go now with his grace 1XBET Specialist.

And now Solomon solution of a 1XBET online betting circus, how to save 1700 euros. What we can say except, none of below mentioned is true, they are liars, we had provided every document, every print screen, completely everything.

1XBET you won for now, but we are not going to stop here. We already have some contacts and we are determined to find some kind of international legal aid, It is not about the money, it is about how they threaten us like idiots. We are completely sure that if we spent our profit to 1XBET circus or if we lost our bet none of this would happen.

Now about how they work, using multiple domains, it’s not a completely honest way of doing business. Something else, 1XBET is registered on this address:

Pelican Entertainment B.V Gaming License #5536/JAZ Company number: 84670

Registered address: Curaсao, Emancipatie Boulevard Dominico F. “Don” Martina 29 Exinvest Limited Registration number: HE352771 Registered address: Chirosima, 2, LEVANTA COURT, BLOCK A, 1st floor, flat/office 101, 3055, Limassol, Cyprus

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