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Double Flower

Recent Results
2019-05-12FTDouble Flower[0 : 9]Wing Yee
2019-05-05FTWong Tai Sin[2 : 1]Double Flower
2019-04-28FTDouble Flower[2 : 0]Shatin
2019-04-21FTDouble Flower[3 : 4]Citizen AA
2019-04-14FTResources Capital[1 : 1]Double Flower
2019-03-31FTDouble Flower[0 : 2]Eastern District
2019-03-17FTBC Rangers[6 : 0]Double Flower
2019-03-10FTDouble Flower[2 : 2]South China
2019-03-03FTDreams Metro Gallery[1 : 2]Double Flower
2019-02-24FTDouble Flower[0 : 6]Happy Valley
2019-02-17FTCentral and Western[2 : 0]Double Flower
2019-02-10FTDouble Flower[0 : 6]Hong Kong
2019-02-03FTMutual[1 : 3]Double Flower
2018-12-09FTDouble Flower[2 : 0]Wong Tai Sin
2018-12-02FTWing Yee[4 : 0]Double Flower
2018-11-25FTEastern District[4 : 0]Double Flower
2018-11-18FTDouble Flower[2 : 3]Central and Western
2018-11-11FTCitizen AA[3 : 4]Double Flower
2018-11-04FTDouble Flower[2 : 1]Resources Capital
2018-10-31FTHong Kong[6 : 1]Double Flower
2018-10-28FTShatin[5 : 2]Double Flower
2018-10-21FTDouble Flower[0 : 6]BC Rangers
2018-10-14FTSouth China[2 : 2]Double Flower
2018-10-07FTDouble Flower[2 : 1]Dreams Metro Gallery
2018-09-30FTDouble Flower[1 : 1]Mutual
2018-09-23FTHappy Valley[6 : 2]Double Flower
2018-09-16Postp.Double Flower[ : ]Central and Western
2018-09-08Postp.Hong Kong[ : ]Double Flower
2018-05-20FTDouble Flower[0 : 4]South China
2018-05-13FTDouble Flower[4 : 0]Wanchai
2018-05-06FTShatin[1 : 3]Double Flower
2018-04-29FTTai Chung[4 : 2]Double Flower
2018-04-22FTCitizen AA[3 : 1]Double Flower
2018-04-15FTKwun Tong[2 : 3]Double Flower
2018-04-10FTHong Kong[5 : 0]Double Flower
2018-04-01FTDouble Flower[1 : 3]Eastern District
2018-03-25FTDouble Flower[3 : 0]Wong Tai Sin
2018-03-21FTDouble Flower[1 : 2]Tai Chung
2018-03-18FTDouble Flower[2 : 3]Mutual
2018-03-11FTTung Sing[0 : 6]Double Flower
2018-03-04FTSun Hei[2 : 5]Double Flower
2018-02-25FTDouble Flower[5 : 6]Dreams Metro Gallery
2018-02-11FTDouble Flower[1 : 1]Wing Yee
2018-02-04FTHoi King[0 : 1]Double Flower
2017-12-17FTDouble Flower[1 : 4]Hong Kong
2017-12-10FTDouble Flower[3 : 1]Kwun Tong
2017-11-25FTSouth China[2 : 3]Double Flower
2017-11-19FTDouble Flower[1 : 1]Shatin
2017-11-11FTMutual[1 : 1]Double Flower
2017-11-05FTDouble Flower[2 : 1]Citizen AA
2017-10-29FTDouble Flower[3 : 1]Hoi King
2017-10-22FTWing Yee[0 : 2]Double Flower
2017-10-15Postp.Double Flower[ : ]Tai Chung
2017-10-08FTWanchai[0 : 6]Double Flower
2017-10-01FTDouble Flower[1 : 2]Sun Hei
2017-09-24FTDouble Flower[0 : 1]Tung Sing
2017-09-17FTDreams Metro Gallery[0 : 2]Double Flower
2017-09-10FTWong Tai Sin[1 : 4]Double Flower
2017-09-02FTEastern District[2 : 0]Double Flower
2017-05-14FTWong Tai Sin[4 : 2]Double Flower
2017-05-06FTDouble Flower[4 : 1]Tai Chung
2017-04-30FTYau Tsim Mong[3 : 0]Double Flower
2017-04-23FTDouble Flower[3 : 0]Eastern District
2017-04-09FTDreams Metro Gallery[3 : 1]Double Flower
2017-04-02FTDouble Flower[2 : 4]Shatin
2017-03-26FTDouble Flower[3 : 2]Wanchai
2017-03-18Postp.Dreams Metro Gallery[ : ]Double Flower
2017-03-12FTDouble Flower[3 : 1]Wing Yee
2017-03-04FTDouble Flower[1 : 3]Sun Hei
2017-02-26FTTung Sing[4 : 3]Double Flower
2017-02-19FTDouble Flower[1 : 0]Kwun Tong
2017-02-12FTKwai Tsing[1 : 4]Double Flower
2017-02-05FTCitizen AA[2 : 3]Double Flower
2016-12-11FTDouble Flower[1 : 0]Dreams Metro Gallery
2016-12-04FTTai Chung[0 : 2]Double Flower
2016-11-27FTDouble Flower[2 : 0]Yau Tsim Mong
2016-11-20FTShatin[0 : 0]Double Flower
2016-11-05FTDouble Flower[2 : 3]Wong Tai Sin
2016-10-29FTEastern District[2 : 0]Double Flower
2016-10-22FTWanchai[0 : 3]Double Flower
2016-10-16FTDouble Flower[1 : 4]Citizen AA
2016-10-09FTWing Yee[4 : 0]Double Flower
2016-10-02FTDouble Flower[1 : 1]Kwai Tsing
2016-09-25FTKwun Tong[0 : 3]Double Flower
2016-09-18FTDouble Flower[2 : 2]Tung Sing
2016-09-11FTSun Hei[1 : 1]Double Flower