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Win cast | Win to nil betting

Win to nil betting explained. Win cast betting market. Soccer stats of both teams that you want to place your bet.

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Win to nil and Win cast betting market

Win cast soccer betting

If you decide to place your bet on this betting market then in order to win your bet you should not only guess the team that is going to win the match but as well to guess one player that is going to score during that match. The odds for this betting market can be lower. If we compare to the ‘’to win’’ and ‘’anytime goal-scorer’’ and that is why you should be careful before placing your bet here.

You can notice that the online bookmakers are pricing the odds for this betting market separately. From the ones of the outcomes of the independent bets. If we take as an example match where Everton plays against Chelsea. Odds for Chelsea to win can be 5/4 and for Samuel Eto to score anytime during that match 3/1. That gives odds of 9/1 if we combine both offered odds. And since these two events are depending on each other in a parlay bet that involves these two outcomes cannot be provided by the online bookmakers but instead. The online bookmakers will offer a win-cast bet with having 7/2 odds for the two events.

Only when you are confident in your favorite team

Bettors decide to use win cast bet when they are confident about their favorite team and when they believe that their team can win the game and when they strongly believe that one player will score during that match. If we mention the same example from above, Eto is an excellent choice to place your bet if you already made a research and noticed that he have a record of scoring goals in away matches.

Online bookmakers in order to attract more bettors to this betting market can as well offer to receive your money back in some situations. If for example, the odds are 7/2 for a win-cast bet for Chelsea to win and Eto to score during that match you can have a special betting offer to get your lost money back if Lampard scores during that match.

Win to nil soccer betting

When it comes to this betting market. Bettor are going to place a bet on a team to win a match without conceding a single goal in the regular 90 minutes of play. With included injury time but excluding penalty shootouts or extra time. In other words, you are going to win your bet if your team wins with 1-0, 2-0, and so on.

Bettors usually decide to use win to nil betting since it comes with high odds. Here are some examples of the odds offered in this type of betting market:

-6/1 for Cardiff (home) and 13/5 for Tottenham (away);

-5/1 for Swansea and 11/4 for Liverpool;

-16/5 for Manchester City and 5/1 for Manchester United;

-11/10 for Chelsea and 18/1 for Fulham;

-4/1 for Crystal Palace and 10/3 for Swansea.

What is important

You should know (as you can sum up from noticing the odds offered by online bookmakers) the more difficult for one outcome to occur, the higher the odds are. Which means the greater the winnings are for that. However, when there are evenly matched teams, the odds are higher for the away match. Example for that is the Manchester City and Manchester United match mentioned above.

To profit out of this betting market is quite difficult if we compare it to the other betting markets. It is difficult for a team to win their game without conceding a single goal. However, still, there are teams out there that have really good defense strategy that can make them win without conceding a goal.

It is important in order to analyze the previous soccer stats of both teams. Because that way you can increase your chance of winning. If we look at the past soccer stats we can see that Chelsea, Liverpool, and Manchester City have won 15 matches without conceding a goal. If there is a team that has a good defensive record. That team plays against a team with a poor offensive record. Then that is a good opportunity to use to win to nil betting market.



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