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The Biggest Soccer Accumulator Wins in Recent History

Why do we bet? Why do we head over to bookmakers, both online and in real life, to spend money on the outcome of a boxing bout, a car race or a football match? Well, the obvious answer would be… no, not money. Many people bet not for the potential win but for the thrill of taking a risk – because this contributes to a bigger enjoyment of the boxing bout, the car race or the football match. This doesn’t mean people don’t want (or better said “hope”) to win when betting on soccer, for example. This is why they check out the odds at the Betway soccer betting section instead of simply betting on their favourite team.

The Biggest Soccer Accumulator Wins in Recent History

The outcome of a bet can be pretty unpredictable at times, especially in the case of accumulators – the more matches you bet on, after all, the less likely it is for you to predict all results correctly. They were cases, in turn, when accumulators have made their bettors rich – even if the people themselves didn’t expect it to happen.

Prescient or really lucky?

Predicting the winner of a single tournament can be tough sometimes – there are so many things that can change, so many factors to influence the outcome. Predicting the outcome of several tournaments on the same accumulator may seem impossible to many – yet this was exactly what an unidentified bettor has done in August 2000. He placed 30 pence (40 cents) on an accumulator bet where the slip contained the outright winner of the year’s top English soccer leagues, three Scottish divisions, the cricket County Championship winners, the Rugby Union champions, and the winner of the year’s Champions League. Ad odds of 1,666,666 to 1.

Manchester United was just a step away from becoming the best European team but it was knocked out by Bayern Munich in the quarter-final. The apparently prescient punter won an amazing GBP500,000 ($640,000) in the process.

Made rich by Glen Johnson

The 2011 Premier League final was played by two strong teams, Chelsea and Liverpool, with the result undecided until the last minute. Well, the last three, to be exact. Three minutes before the end of the match, looking like a draw up to that time, Liverpool right-back Glen Johnson had the occasion to decide the winner and he did, scoring a goal set up by teammate Charlie Adam. This was very good news for Liverpool – and even better news for an unnamed punter.

The punter had a habit of not betting more than 1 euros on a slip. He didn’t deviate from this practice this time, placing an 80 pence bet on the outcome of the Premier League, at odds of 683,738 to 1. Imagine his surprise when, after Johnson’s goal, he became 585,000 GBP richer.

The biggest win

The biggest win in soccer betting history so far was scored by an unnamed punter from London – and it was placed in-play. The punter placed 100 pounds on matches that were in progress – and most of the money on teams that seemed to be losing. The final match on his accumulator was on a match between Fulham and Wigan Athletic: he predicted that it will end in a draw despite Fulham clearly losing at the time. Two minutes before the end of the match, though, Costa Rican player Bryan Ruiz turned an opportunity into a goal, levelling the score and putting a ton of money into the punter’s pocket.

The punter ended the day with GBP 650,000 in his pockets and a newfound belief in miracles.