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The Best Betting Tips to Follow

The Best Betting Tips to Follow

Online betting has surged in popularity. The spread of internet access into even the remotest places has made it easier than ever to place bets on a favourite team or play games at one of the many excellent online casinos.

But, this also means that online betting is available to everyone and not everyone knows what they are doing. Most people who turn a profit from online betting have tried and tested strategies that casual betters don’t know about. So how, without using some tips and tricks of the trade, can you be sure that you don’t end up in the red?

Winning is never guaranteed

start out gambling

One of the main things everyone needs to accept when they start out gambling is that nothing is guaranteed.

There is no guaranteed way to come away with a win. Even the unlikeliest of results can sometimes cause an upset. Especially when it comes to sports betting. Football, is extremely popular all over Africa, where the national teams foster a huge sense of pride, but supporters also choose from incredibly successful global teams like Manchester United and Barcelona. Sports betting can add an extra element of excitement to the outcome of a match, so it is probably the way that most casual betters begin. And while most people want to put a bet on their team to win, that is often not the best route to a cash prize.

There are so many football betting options now. It’s no longer just win or lose, you can also place a wager on the number of fouls, corners, cards and the first scorer. Each option is given odds by the betting company. The best tip for beginners is to compare odds between different companies, because things aren’t always equal. If one site is offering 4/1 odds and another is offering 5/1, that’s quite a difference, and you want to make sure you go with the odds that are going to maximise your winnings. The same is true for all sports, so South African cricket fans, take note! However you choose to go about it, remember that sports betting is supposed to add to the experience of watching/playing the game, not detract from it. If it starts to ruin your enjoyment, it might be time to cut back.

Online casino games

Online casino games

Online casino games are growing in popularity across the continent.

Things are a little different for online casino games, which are also growing in popularity on the African continent. Different countries have different rules regarding the legalities, but most accept that online gambling is ok, and there are a huge selection of casinos available to African players.

For any casino game, the odds for each game will always be fixed. Let’s take roulette as an example: bets on red/black pay 1:1, while bets on a single number pay 35:1. The bigger pay-out is far less likely to happen, while betting on the colour is often seen as a sure-fire way to see at least some profit. So what can you do minimise your losses and give yourself a better chance of hitting the jackpot? It’s not so much what you bet on, but how. By using carefully controlled betting progressions, tipsters will tell you that you are virtually guaranteed a win.

Betting Progressions

Betting Progressions

Betting progressions dictate the way you increase or decrease your bets throughout a session. Often this is to try and minimise a loss or capitalise on a win. They should work for any casino game – live or online – including roulette, blackjack and video poker. The most well-known method is called the Martingale, although many of the people who use it don’t realise it has a name, they just think they invented it themselves. It relies on doubling your bet after each loss in an effort to recoup funds, but this can lead you down a dark hole if you suffer several bad bets in a row.

For this reason, the Martingale is not always recommended. A better way to do it is to double your bet after each win – that way you are only paying with profit and keeping yourself away from a large, negative balance. For more top tips, head to 888 Casino and read this blog, written by the well-established Casino Specialist Frank Scoblete on betting progressions.

As with sports betting strategies, it pays to learn the basics of each casino game you try. Card games can be very mathematical, however you don’t need to be a genius to work out whether to hit or stick on that fifteen in a game of blackjack. Memorise a few basic combinations, or a whole betting table if you think you’re up to it, and it should take the guesswork out of playing the game.


Of course, with any form of gambling, there is never an iron-clad guarantee. The tips and tricks mentioned here might be a good way to get you started, but they are only a smarter way to bet, not a shortcut to the jackpot. Sometimes, against the odds, the unlikely horse wins the race, the championship team play badly, and your lucky number comes up trumps. But not every time. Betting is a game of percentages and probabilities, but with nothing being 100% certain, there is no amount of form studying or number crunching that is going to see you walk away a millionaire overnight.

But, you can have a lot of fun with sports and casino betting, and tips like those above might help to tip the odds in your favour. Remember to find the best odds for your chosen bet and set yourself a realistic target/limit to avoid racking up losses you can’t handle. If you use a betting progression, choose a positive one, not a negative one: you want to see big profits, rather than big losses after all.