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Soccer Corner Predictions

Move away from the standard Handicap and betting 1X2 markets. Handicap same format as Handicap soccer corner predictions betting. Different markets for corners betting.

Soccer corner predictions, bet on corners

soccer corner predictions

You can increase your chances of winning if you decide to move away from the standard Handicap and betting 1X2 markets for a while. For example, you can try to bet on corners.

You can make a lot of money when you find a niche market in betting (from handball betting to betting on the Oscars).

Lately, the betting on corners in soccer is becoming quite popular.

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Why corners betting?

Because you can take advantage if the bookmaker is lacking information about even the smallest details and plus the odds in live corners betting are quite ‘attractive’.

But you should realize that this type of betting market is different than the standard Handicap soccer betting and betting 1X2 markets. Soccer is a low scoring sport and if we compare it to other sports, draws and underdog victories are more likely to happen in soccer. If you decide to bet on soccer corner then you should look at the past statistics.

How actually to bet on corners?

If we look at Pinnacle offers, we can see that there are three different markets for corners betting:

-Handicap soccer betting;
-Money Line;

When it comes to Handicap soccer betting it is quite the same format as Handicap soccer corner predictions betting and that means that the bookmaker will give one side advantage (+) and the other disadvantage (-). For example, there is a match between Sunderland and Manchester City and there might be offered by a bookmaker to bet on +3 corners for Sunderland and -3 for Manchester City. If you place your bet on Manchester, then in order to win your bet, Manchester should win 4 more corners than Sunderland. If you place your bet on Sunderland then in order to win your bet, they have to win more, the same or anything up to two fewer corners than Manchester City.

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When it comes to Money Line soccer corner betting market, it is actually a match-up of who will win the most corners within the regular 90 minutes of the match.

When it comes to Totals corners betting, the bookmaker will set a figure for the expected combined number of corners and the bettors can choose from over or under that number of corners that will happen in a match.

Follow the past statistics

You should look at the past statistics and notice which teams are most likely to win corners and which are more susceptible to concede them.

When it comes to winning corners then a big contributor are the shots because they indicate offensive dominance and in order to be saved or deflected can end up in corners.

The shots against and blocks per match can indicate teams that are under more pressure and that they are more likely to concede corners.

Besides that, you should also have in mind a team’s strengths, weaknesses, and tactics because that can as well have an impact on the number of corners and corner predictions.

More shots, more corners.

More shots are coming with more corners. Teams like Liverpool, Manchester City, Tottenham and Manchester United are at the top of the list for an average number of corners won per game because of their play or hit more crosses and they are most likely to be deflected or cleared away for a corner. It is important to remember that the favorite team will not always win the most corners and the team that wins the most corners not always wins the match. Keep that in mind in corner predictions.


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