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Soccer betting myths debunked!

Progress in the Champions League. Bettors are going to place their bets. Profit opportunities in soccer betting arise when bettors ignore. Performing after European soccer matches.

Opportunities in soccer betting

How the soccer odds are being settled by the bookmakers

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Opportunities in soccer betting

Do you wish to find out find out how the odds are being settled by the bookmakers? Well, they are not just offered as a reflection of how the bookmakers consider them as an outcome but as well much money the bettors are going to place their bets.

Profit opportunities in soccer betting arise when bettors ignore statistics and bet based on widely-held misconceptions.

You should question the fact where you believe that the team that had a Champions League match before and that took most of them so you should oppose them. Why? Because you should know that half of the European soccer matches are being played at home and when they are away matches, the players usually have a maximum of three-hour flight which means that they will be in their own beds.

Best soccer teams right now

We can take as an example some of the best teams right now. Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester City and see how they have performed after European games in the last couple of years. Arsenal has improved their performance in the League since 2010-2011. They followed European fixture in three seasons. They deteriorated in the rest of the seasons, but the difference was really small.

On the other hand, Chelsea has excellent past record but in the last two seasons. They have been under performing after European soccer matches.

Manchester City did not make any progress in the Champions League after returning to Europe’s elite competition in 2011-2012.

So you should take into consideration the fact that 60% of the Premier League teams did better or the same after European games. Because of this, you as a bettor should approach to betting on post-European football (soccer) match quite differently and not just to look at the old clichés.

The conclusion is that 60% of them did better or the same after European fixture.

It might feel that if a team is chasing a promotion. Maybe chasing a chance to be a part of the next year’s UEFA club tournaments. They are more likely to win, but this myth is one of the most prominent myths among bettors. This myth actually true?

Guide to betting

Kevin Pullein who is an author of ‘’The Definitive Guide to Betting on Sport (2004), in his book he discusses if the teams will improve their performance at games like that or shall we say ‘’must win games’’ when the end of the seasons in near.

There are two presumptions that this theory is based on. The first one is that of course, the team that needs the win will definitely try harder. Also says that team hasn’t really tried enough earlier in the season, right?

The second is that the team that needs the win will be under more pressure. Most of the cases pressure usually hinders players from performing instead of motivating them.

So Kevin after analyzing and studying about ten seasons of the English Championship and League One, he concluded that promotion-hunting teams actually had worse performance in May than they did in any other month of the season.