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Premier League review – will we see a repeat of last season?

Premier League review – will we see a repeat of last season?

Author: Johan H.

One of the most beloved football leagues is in full swing, with 11 matches played thus far this season. We are of course referring to Premier League where we right now find Liverpool at the top as the only team yet to lose a game this season with 11 wins and 1 draw.

The question many are now asking is if we are going to see the exact same thing as we saw last season where Liverpool started just as strong as they have this season, just to lose some of that momentum during the middle portion of the season. They had a strong finish and only lost a single game but despite this, they didn’t manage to clinch the title from underneath Manchester City.

Premier League review

City managed to bring home the title with a 1-point margin over Liverpool, ending the season on 98 points versus Liverpool’s 97. The loss for Liverpool came after the team only managed to draw against several teams they should have won against, and it was this that became the deciding factor. In total Liverpool managed to win 30 of their 38 games, 7 games that ended in a draw along with a single loss. City, on the other hand, managed to win 32, only drew once and lost a total of 4 games.

With just one loss this season, Liverpool is now in a commanding lead with a total of 34 points, 9 points ahead of City on 25 points and 8 points ahead of Leicester and Chelsea on 26 points.

As it stands right now, Liverpool is the favorite to win playing at 4/5 while City is trailing not far behind at 11/10. A lot can still happen as we haven´t even reached a third of the Premier League season, with 11 of the 38 matches completed. However, the 3×1 victory that Liverpool had against Manchester City at Anfield this past weekend, left the Reds more isolated as favorites.

It’s a very hectic schedule these players have, in comparison to sports such as the NFL which only have 16 games in regulation per season, culminating in the prestigious final, Super Bowl (whose result you can predict here).

With so many games played during the season, it’s truly an accomplishment only to lose a single game and that feat alone should have placed Liverpool at the top of last year’s league.

While Liverpool have started the season just as strong as last year, we have also seen another major accomplishment, this time by Manchester United, who haven’t seen a worse start of the season in 33 years. This iconic team has only managed to score a mere 13 points thus far putting them in the middle of the pack. This is also something that’s reflected in the current odds of the team winning this year’s Premier League, playing at 500/1.

With Liverpool and Manchester City playing in a league of their own, if we are to go by the current odds offered, we have a huge jump to the next teams in the list, with both Chelsea and Leicester playing at 40/1.

At the bottom of the league we find Everton, Southampton, Norwich City followed by Watford with points stretching from 11 down to only 5. All 4 of these teams need to get their act together and fast if they don’t want to face elimination from the Premier League.

The true test of the top two teams will come during the first half of November when they face each other. Looking at different bookmakers and the odds that’s on offer for this game, both teams are playing at 33/20 or close to it.

No one wants to put either team as favorite prior to the game. Yes, Liverpool is currently ahead of Manchester City but for them to be able to walk away as winner from this game, they need to be on point when it comes to goal scoring.

Despite not having lost a game, Liverpool has only scored 28 goals, trailing Man City by 7. Both teams are close when it comes to goals against, with 10 versus 13. That puts Liverpool on a +16-goal difference compared to Man city´s +24. Liverpool’s defensive line will have their work cut out for themselves if they are to claim a victory.