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Place your soccer bets on matches that will end up draw result. Handicap betting markets, Chelsea, Manchester City and Tottenham explanation. Use that in betting predictions and soccer tips.

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There is a big chance for a soccer match to end up a draw. It is not a game where the teams score too many goals like American football or rugby. That is why you as a bettor should know how to predict which matches are going to end draw. You can use that in soccer bets.

Between 2006 and 2017, about 26% of the Premier League matches finished a draw,  where a goalless game was about 32% of all draws, 1-1 was 42% of all draws and 2-2 was 22% of all draws.

A quarter of the outcomes in the Premier League are draws and they have an important role in betting. Especially the ones made in the handicap betting markets.

If two teams that are in the middle of the table are playing there is a 30% chance that the match will end in a draw. On the other hand, if a top-team plays against a team that is in the middle of the table, there are 14% of the game to end up draw.

Calculated all that you can add

When it comes to the Premier League when two equally matched teams are playing it is expected an average of 2.5 total goals. This does mean that each team will score an average of 1.25 goals per match. According to the Poisson Distribution, both teams have a 29% chance of failing to score a goal. Calculate the chance of the match ending up draw you will need to multiply those two probabilities together. In other words here is the calculation for about out example:

0.29 * 0.29 = 0.08.

There is around 13% chance that the match will end up at 1-1.

And when you have calculated all that you can add all the probabilities for 0-0, 1-1, 2-1 and so on in order to find the overall draw chance for a typical Premier League match between two evenly matched teams.

If we take into consideration this example then according to Poisson there is 27% chance for the match to end up draw result.

Very few bettors predicted the total goals in a match where two evenly teams played.

What is also important

That is why if you want to place your soccer bets on matches that will end up draw result, and use that in betting predictions, you should pay close attention to the similarity of the two teams and their strategy of playing (for example both teams are good in defense but lack attacking strategy).

What is equally important to know is that you should be aware that if a team performs very well over the course of a season it might become less extreme in the future.

As we mentioned matches usually end up draw when two teams that are placed in the middle of the table. Play against each other and such teams are Aston Villa, Stoke, and WBA. They had around 16 draws each season and that period. League average was below 10 draws.

Also, the teams that are at the top of the table like Chelsea, Manchester City, and Tottenham had draw final result in the past. There were averaged 8 draws between these teams which are a little closer to the league average of 10 draws.

Draw soccer tips are very hard to predict. Above mentioned facts give you the reason to start predicting draw soccer tips. Use all the available information, h2h stats, standing in order to predict soccer tips correctly.

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