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Over Under soccer betting

Over Under betting. Over 25 or Under 25 explained. Guess the number of goals in soccer betting. Over 3.5 or Under 3.5 understand this types of soccer bets.

Over Under betting system

Over 2.5

Soccer betting Over Under

If you are a bettor then you probably tried once to guess the number of goals that are going to be scored in a match and you probably also tried to even place your bet on a player that you believe that is going to score the goal. There are many options available to bettors today but they all have one goal – to win money.

The Over Under 2.5 goals betting system is often used by most popular betting outlets. This can be a little bit strange for you if you are new to soccer betting. As we all know there is no half goal, so what does that 2.5 mean? It means that you place your bet that there are going to be more goals than 2 but less goals than 3.

So three is of course above 2.5 and below 2.5, so placing your bet on ‘over’ you are going to wait for three or more goals to be scored in order to win your bet. While placing your bet on ‘under’ you are going to win your bet if no more than two goals are being scored.

There are many other options available for you and that means it is not only the common Under/Over 2.5. If you look at most online bookmakers you can notice that they offer under over betting for 0.5, 1.5, 3.5, 4.5 and 5.5 goals.


Over 25

Over 2.5

under 25

Under 2.5

All over under soccer bets

To win the bet ‘ over 0.5 ’ 1 or more goals should be scored.
For ‘under 0.5’ bet you are hoping for a draw 0:0 in order to win.

To win the ‘ over 1.5 ’ bet, there should be 2 or more goals in that match.
For ‘ under 1.5 ’ bet, there should be less than 2 goals in that match.

soccer betting

Over 0.5 and Over 1.5

To win the ‘ over 3.5 ’ bet there have to be 4 or more goals in that match.
Win the ‘ under 3.5 ’, bet, there have to be less than 4 goals in that match.

In order to win the ‘ over 4.5 ’ bet 5 or more goals should be scored.
To win the ‘ under 4.5 ’ bet less than 5 goals should be scored.

over 3.5

Over 3.5 and Over 4.5 explained

Also, to win the ‘ over 5.5 ’ bet 6 or more goals should be scored.
To win the ‘ under 5.5 ’ bet less than 6 goals should be scored.



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