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Betting | Number of goals!

The cumulative number of goals in daily soccer predictions. Betting predictions, inexperienced bettors use the luck factor. Analyze all soccer stats for selected matches before you place your bet. The bets are going to be settled based on the score.

The number of goals betting!

Betting predictions, statistics of particular teams

daily soccer predictions

Betting predictions, the number of goals

When it comes to this type of bet, you should guess the cumulative number of goals that are about to be scored. In one match, in the regular 90 minutes of play. The bookmakers will determine the options in the most cases. There are three options:

-0 or 1 goal;
-Exactly 2 or 3 goals;
-4 or more goals.

If we take as an example a match between Swansea and Arsenal the odds might be:

-first option (0 or 1 goal) 5/2;
-second option (2 or 3 goals) 10/11;
-for the third option (4 or more goals) 11/4.

We can sum up that the second option (2 or 3 goals) has less possible gains from a win. When compared to the other two options. The reason for that is that bookmakers believe that most matches end up scoring 2 or 3 goals.

If you pay attention to factors like presence of top scorers in both teams, statistics of particular teams, the form of the teams and other, you can increase your chance of winning by placing your bet on the third option (4 or more goals). Online bookmakers also allow accumulator bets. In this market, that means that you can select a different option for separate matches in order to increase your winnings.

It is important to know for this type of bet

The bets are going to be settled based on the score that was indicated at the end of the regular 90 minutes of play with included injury time but excluding extra time or penalty shoot-outs. It is important to know that own goals are also taken into consideration in the total goals in the match.

When it comes to the match being abandoned, there are situations where the bets can be considered valid. Those situations are when the score of a match is for example 3-1, and the match gets abandoned, the winning and losing, bets can be unconditionally determined and those bets can be paid out. In a situation where the score is 2-0 and the match gets abandoned, if you placed your bet on the first option you have already lost. Other options cannot be determined unconditionally so this means they will be considered as void.

Betting advice

Bettors use this type of bet in their daily soccer predictions. Betting predictions, when a number of goals betting, comes in question, most of the inexperienced bettors use the luck factor. Be smart and analyze all soccer stats for selected matches before you place your bet.

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