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Lucky 15 Soccer Bet

Make more profit than this football betting method. Maximum 15 combinations for four soccer bets. Four betting strategies. Lucky 15 compared to a standard betting accumulator.

What is Lucky 15 bet in football?

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Lucky 15 football betting, betting strategy

How to Win With Your Lucky 15

If you want to make more profit than this football betting method is good for you, because is without any additional risk. This kind of bet offers you a choice of four soccer bets that you think will win. Which is different from standard accumulators, you can group 15 bets. I know that sounds complicated, and it is a little bit complicated, but this is the choice:

–              Four Singles

–              Six Doubles

–              Four Trebles

–              One Four-Fold

With this, you see that there are maximum 15 combinations for four soccer bets and you can bet on each of them. So if you want to bet, you will need to put maximum 15 combinations and not 1 only one, and those 15 are mostly used in football and horse racing. You can take this as your guide further.

Advantages of a Lucky 15 Compared to a Standard Betting Accumulator

Let’s explain this more specifically this type of betting. If you choose 4 matches and only 1 of them are positive, it guarantees success. How? This is not anything like standard accumulations where you need 4 games. So if you positively get two of the four you actually have a payout and it’s 2 single and double. In this way, you reduce the possibility of loss. Lucky 15 is different because we do not need to have all 4 bets with a positive outcome, only 2 of them lead us to profit, and therefore this bet is considered to be successful among the players.

How many times you’ve waited and your team lost at the last minute, and that normally makes you nervous. For example, your team that you bet lost at the last moment. With Lucky 15, you have three more combinations in play and wait for a positive outcome.

Lucky 15 Betting Summary

With Lucky 15, we can make a profit if only one of our 4 combinations is successful, and of course, if three of our combinations are successful we are making a very nice profit. Everyone bet on football and horse racing because they are quite unpredictable. But you will risk and you will be quite sure that if one of the selection wins leads you to profit. Do not go with big bets here, find 4 that you think they would be the right choice to return home with a profit. This is four betting strategies that you can get for your surebet:

–              Four Bankers

–              Two Bankers, Two Wildcards

–              Four Wildcards

The other two can bring you profits, and this is a useful tactic for playing, while latter is a much riskier and more dangerous bet. Therefore, in order not to take bigger risks and you don’t want your hands to shake waiting for the final outcome, it’s best to win a Lucky 15.



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