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Examine the impact that attacking substitutions have on soccer. live soccer betting strategy. Calculate how well the attacking substitutions could do in latter stages.

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In this article, we are going to examine the impact that attacking substitutions have on soccer, in order to find out if they are going to improve the team chances of winning.

Especially when the match is underway, substitutions are the most obvious way that a manager can try to influence the outcome. A contribution like scoring a goal highlights the impact that is made by a sub and also called ‘’super subs’’ emerge into the limelight.

If you find the answer to the question ‘’Are players that started the game more likely to score the goal?’’. Because that could be vital for your soccer bet.

Common type of substitutions

There are advantages of being a sub like:

-The team intent can be more attacking.
-They enter the game when more goals are likely to be scored.
-they are fresher.

In other words, this means that a sub will play from the 70th minute and he will play for 26% of the match and during that period 33% of the goals, are being scored. Compare to the starting player where only 22% of the goals are generally scored.

There are numerous reasons why substitutions occur like red cards and injuries. Number one reason is replacing ineffectual and tired players.

The most common type of substitutions made is replacing a midfielder with another midfielder. After that is replaced by the defenders.

Substitutions, where there is potential to alter the priority of a side immediate aim, are almost twice as likely for attacking players to replace the defensive ones.

live soccer betting strategy

This is a live soccer betting strategy made when the team has the opportunity of scoring more goals or when they want to counter the threat.

It is obvious that if a team is more focused on their attack, they lack defensive players. Which means they can be vulnerable to concede more goals.

If these attacking substitutions prove that they can be beneficial you should expect to see more of them in other games, during the 2011/12 season the best teams (Man City, Man United, Chelsea, and Arsenal). They increased their attacking capabilities in 40 matches against the teams from the mid to lower half of the table.

Usually, these changes appeared in the 69th minute and they were in the match for around 26 minutes. Closely to 3/4 of the changes included midfielder to be replaced by a striker. 27.5% of those 40 games. Opponents scored a goal but the side that made the attacking strategy scored more goals in 35% of the games.

Smart bettor advice

With the help of Pinnacle, we can easily calculate how well the attacking substitutions could do in later stages. Although these calculations are actually unaware of the specifics behind a substitute. If you pay attention of Data collected from the results from all the previous pre-game expectations. Pinnacle’s odds are really close to the results achieved.

If we take as an example the 40 games, we mentioned previously were attacking subs were part of the games we should expect 25 goals for the team to score and 11 to concede and the actual figures were that 24 were scored and 11 conceded. This means that in the data, the attack soccer player makes a small difference to the expected outcomes, because of that be careful.

If you are live soccer bettor, then what should be into consideration of your decision-making process are the relative abilities of the teams.
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