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How To Play Daily Fantasy Sports Baseball

DFS baseball is one of the many fantasy sports betting games that has immensely grown in the past decade. Bettors are required to make the team using realistic situations of Major Baseball League. They need to create a fantasy team composed of all the needed players and compete with other fantasy players in different categories.

The demand for fantasy baseball games surges high today, mainly when the Major Baseball League World Series occurs. Aside from taking more exciting DFS baseball betting games, the chances of earning a huge amount of money are promising. Besides, there are many ways of competing against other bettors because there’s always a betting bracket that you can comfortably play.

While it sounds simple to come up with a fantasy baseball team and wrestle with other bettors, in reality, this can come challenging. You must first know the league you opt to play and its rules. If you are new to fantasy baseball leagues, here’s a full guide you can follow.

How To Play Daily Fantasy Sports Baseball

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The League Set-Ups

Suppose you already have a trusted online bookie and league owner you play with, you must first consider the league set-ups existing. In picking a fantasy baseball league set-up, you have to consider two factors: how your team should look and the type of league you must enter.

Here are the three basic league formats in DFS baseball.

Redraft League. The Redraft League is the most popular DFS baseball set-up you can find in most bookies. It is where the owners draft a new team before the real MLB season starts.

Keeper League. This type of fantasy baseball league allows the owners to set a predetermined number of baseball players they can use in the current and upcoming baseball season. Apart from that, owners can make another minor-league group held over the next season.

Dynasty League. It is the biggest type of DFS baseball game you can play. You’ll find many seasoned bettors wagering for Dynasty League because owners are operating like real MLB games. In this league set-up, owners keep a handful of professional baseball players that they can use in the current and next season and will some when drafting comes.


The DFS Baseball League Formats

Now that you have learned that different fantasy baseball set-ups, the next step to take heed of when playing DFS baseball is knowing the formats. It refers to the structure and the method of fantasy games you can gamble. Besides, it also determines the number of bets you can wager and the payout you can gain.

Here are the two most popular DFS baseball formats.

Rotisserie. Popularly known as the Roto format, it is the original league structure that is present in many fantasy games like baseball. For a team to win in Roto format, they need to accumulate the highest possible score in every category. At the end of the game, all points are added in the said categories, and the team with the highest overall combined score will win.

Head-To-Head. This is an easier DFS baseball league format that you can play. If Roto is the original structure, then head-to-head is the more popular one. The fantasy bettors are allowed to face one opponent per week like the real MLB games. Of course, a bettor with a team that generates that highest score at the end of the match wins the prize.


The Scoring System

After finalizing the set-up and the format you will play, the next step is knowing the scoring system. Here are the two kinds of scoring system you can use.

Categories. It is the most played scoring system in DFS baseball games. Fantasy players are allowed to pick a number of pitching and hitting categories. After that, they need to accumulate stats to complete the standings of each category. The categories depend on the type of league set-up you play, but the standard usually comes in 5X5, five pitching and five hitting categories.

Points. This is usually used in head-to-head formats where the scoring system can be customized based on the preferred league set-up. Each player in the team should accumulate points, which are added daily or weekly.


The Draft Style

The final and the most exciting step to take before competing in the real DFS baseball games is picking the draft style. Here are the three main categories to choose from.

Snake Draft. It is used in a 12-team format where your Draft uses players from Pick 1 to Pick 12.

Standard Draft. It is not one of those popular drafts because this is where you can only utilize the players you have picked during the initial Draft.

Auction Draft . This style is done by nomination, and you have a chance to pick a player you like. Fantasy players have to bid for the nominated players, and the highest offers win that pick.



Playing and creating a DFS baseball team is easy to look at but can be demanding in reality. You do not only go directly to your dedicated sportsbook and play without knowing its rules and basics. So, to fulfill a profitable DFS baseball game, get guided with the steps above, especially if you are a newbie, to not get tied up.