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More goals soccer betting

Penalties after ending or extra time it is not included in your soccer bet. More goals soccer betting. However, you lose your soccer bet if the soccer match…

More goals soccer betting explained


More goals soccer betting

The strategy that we are going to introduce you here in goals betting market is known as half-time betting. Which means that bettors predict in which half will be better and give us cumulative results, in terms of goals by both teams being summed up. You have three choices to put your bet:

More goals in first half

More goals in second half

Number of goals in both halves

You can face with many options, but everything depends from your bookmakers. For example, your bookmaker may give you more variation like same, less or more goals. Some bookmakers in the case of a same number of goals scored in both halves, they refund or cancel the bets.

Let’s be more precise in this. If you bet a match like is West Brom vs Swansea City you have three options:

Goals in first half 21/10

Goals in the second half 21/10.

Draw in both periods with odds of 23/10.

Betting rules

As we can see, the option that bookmakers offer us, more productive score bet it is when you bet on more goals in the second half. This is useful to know and accept, but when you write your ticket it is good to research all option and then to place your bet. In case the match has penalties after ending or extra time it is not included in your soccer bet. For that, the soccer match has 90 minutes to play include injuries and 3-4 minutes after that. You lose your soccer bet if the soccer match is canceled before any goal is scored. Same will happen if the same number of goals in the two halves. But, your ticket is positive if they have one goal in the second half (not in the first half). Before the match is canceled because the winner is determined.


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