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Guess the player that is going to be the first one to score in the soccer match. First goalscorer soccer predictions. Soccer stats all factors. Betting tips no goalscorer.

The first goalscorer betting

Soccer bet no goalscorer

Keep tracking soccer stats for this type of soccer predictions

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Soccer bet the first goalscorer

When it comes to this type of bet, you as a bettor should guess the player that is going to be the first one to score in the soccer match. You can also choose to select the option ‘’no goal-scorer’’. That means that you think that there won’t be any goals in that match.

It is a quite popular type of betting. With the successful bet, you can win more money than most of the markets. But you should be really careful if you decide to try this type of betting because if someone else scores the first goal and your ‘’favorite’’ player you are going to lose the bet.

If there is a situation for the first goal to be own goal than the winning bet will be determined by the next goal of that soccer match.

There are even some online bookmakers that offer the money back for this type of soccer predictions. Example for that is the unsure bet first goal-scorer. Where it requires the bookmakers to refund the money on those bettors that their player did not score the first goal but scored later in that same match.

The bookmaker will determine

First goal scorer bets come with a quite unique market. Bookmaker pays 1/3 of the odds for selections that score the second. Third and so on until the fifth goal. Your bookmaker will determine the number of goals that qualify your selection to be a winner. This means that if you guess the player that first scores the goal in your betting tips.  You will get the highest winnings. If that player does not score at all during that match or scores after the limits provided by the bookmaker you are going to lose your bet. You should be also aware that there are no extra winnings for selections that score twice in the match.

As you can see the luck factor is very important in this type of bet. Keep tracking soccer stats of a particular team, and when you are ready to place your bet wait till the start of the soccer match.

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