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Double chance soccer betting

Football Betting Strategy. Double Chance soccer betting comes along with lower odds. Picking up small profits each and every time they bet.

Double chance football betting system

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Double chance football betting system


There are people that look at betting differently. Some people see betting as a gamble and these people are willing to bet sums of money on a favorable outcome and the reward can be a big profit. There are other people that look at betting as an investment. They believe that they can make additional income with the help of smart and logical bets for picking up small profits each and every time they bet.

One of the safest betting markets or in other words the betting market that is maybe coming with the lowest risks is a Double Chance market.

Double Chance Betting brings three options that you can choose from:

-away team to win;


-home team to win.

Three combinations with Double Chance

For example, here is a match between Manchester United being the home team and Tottenham Hotspur being the away team. We can either bet on Manchester United to win at 4/7 but we should keep all fingers crossed for luck or we can back Manchester United in The Double Chance market at 1/8 and to relax. With choosing the second option you are placing your bet on Manchester United to win or the match to end up draw and with that, you already have 66.6% chance of winning your bet and that is the reason why Double Chance betting is considered as one of the safest bets.

You can make three combinations with Double Chance:

-home win/away win;

-home win/draw;

-away win/draw.

By looking and the odds you can see that Double Chance soccer betting comes along with lower odds. Bookmakers are aware of the fact that the bettors have an increased chance of winning with this market. That is the only disadvantage of this market.

In this article, we are going to show you Double Chance football betting strategies/systems.

There are two strategies and in this article, we are going to explain both of them.

Underdog hunting strategy

The first one is underdog hunting. By this strategy, it means that you should focus on the underdog that you believe that can steal at least a point because that can be a great way to make some money. As we previously mentioned, the odds are low for Double Chance betting and because of that you can get low prizes but you can still earn a decent amount of money.

For example, if you placed your bet on Crystal Palace to win or the match to end up with a draw against Norwich and your bet was $7 you could win around $15. Crystal Palace was back then in really good form and it had a squad that played very well and on the other hand, Norwich is newly promoted and they didn’t have a significant investment in their squad.

Minimal risk profiteering

The second strategy is minimal risk profiteering. You can make small profits on a regular basis and there is low risk. So with Double Chance soccer betting, you can do that and all you have to do is to take a look at the league tables and to analyze things like head-to-head records. With having that knowledge, you can win more money with betting not just for this market. Let’s take as an example a match where Chelsea is playing against Swansea. The price for Chelsea to win or to end up a draw is 1/20 and you see those are really low odds. But you as a bettor will have to hunt down five legs of 1/20 for accumulator in order to have a profit. So $13 acca would give back $17. With that, you are not going to be a millionaire but that is 27.6% profit from 33.3% risk that is really good.

If you win those kinds of bets from the entire season you can make a lot of profit. Your goal should be to find six matches where the Double Chance odds are 1/8 or lower. The only disadvantage here is that if we place 5x five-fold accumulators at these odds and just one lets you down then you will be looking at a minuscule profit margin. That is why you should be careful when picking up your teams.

Use double chance betting, it’s the safest way to make a profit. With detailed analyze, you will create perfect betting match predictions.

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