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Soccer betting, calculate margins on odds

Be a sharp bettor and increase your profits on a long-term from soccer betting. Compare bookmaker’s margins, 1×2 betting odds. Understand that the most important thing is not to set the best odds, but how to make a more sophisticated decision. Use that in your football tips and in your soccer bet.

Learn how to calculate margins on soccer betting odds

Important to understand for football tips

Margins on soccer betting odds

If you want to increase your profits on a long-term from soccer betting you should know the margin that the bookmaker applies on the betting odds. That margin is the most important information you should know. That is why we are going to show you a simple way how to calculate the margins on 1×2 odds.

Novice bettors want to compare the 1×2 betting odds, but a smart bettor will know the actual price. Bookmaker is charging is the betting odds margins.

If for example there is a soccer match where there are three possibilities like draw, home team to win or the opposite team to win. Match in Premier League 2016/17 season where for the first week of the season Pinnacle offered opening price of 3.41 for Hull city to win against Leicester City at KCOM Stadium, while the draw was 3.19 and the Leicester City to win was 2.29.

Calculate the  1X2 betting odds

Here are two simple steps in soccer betting that you can calculate the  1X2 odds:

1. For all three possible outcomes, you should convert the odds into decimal probability.

2. You should solve this equation:

Margin = (1/Home Odds) + (1/Away Odds) + (1/Draw Odds) – 1

The first step is to convert each 1X2 market in one decimal chance of winning which means this is the equation of each set of brackets above (1/Odds).

The decimal probability in our example for Hull city is (1/3.41) = 0.293 (which means 29.3% chance of winning the bet). On the other hand for Leicester is (1/2.39) = 0.418 and for draw is (1/3.19) = 0.313.

Next calculation step for football tips

The second step is to substitute the numbers from above into the formula we mentioned in order to get the margin.

Here is how: Margin = (0.293) + (0.418) + (0.313) – 1. This means that the margin is 0.024 or 2.4%.

You should also compare bookmaker’s margin. For example, another popular bookmaker for that same match (Hull City and Leicester City) offered a margin that is five times more expensive than Pinnacle which means that the margin works of 12% and the odds were draw 2.90, Leicester 2.10 and Hull City 3.10.

But if you placed, for example, a $100 bet on Hull City to win the 1X2 betting odds market you would receive $31 more if you played with Pinnacle instead of placing the same exact bet with other online bookmakers.

Conclusion for sharp bettors

It is important to understand that the most important thing is not to set the best odds. Make the more sophisticated decision, and that is why Pinnacle educates their bettors in order to do that. That is why they are giving advice to their bettors to first compare their margins with other bookmakers before setting a bet. But Pinnacle is offering the best value than other bookmakers. That is why if you are sharp bettor in soccer betting, Pinnacle is the best choice for you. Always use Pinnacle margin calculator.


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