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Play with Asian Handicap betting. ‘Draw No Bet’ option. Soccer betting BET 365. Full goal Asian Handicaps. Three or more goals for you to win

Asian Handicap soccer betting

soccer betting

Asian Handicap soccer betting BET365

In this article, we are going to write about the options that you can play with Asian Handicap betting. How does Asian Handicap betting actually works? It works towards eliminating a number of outcomes that you can place your bet on with taking away the option to bet on the football match to end up draw. The chances are 33.3% if you play to win. Draw, loss scenario and you could cut your odds to 50% on just two outcomes (win or loss).

When it comes to this type of betting market Bet365 is a really great place to try this type of betting market. It is a fact that bettors place their bet on the underdogs because they pull off big wins rarely and with a Handicap. You can bet on the underdog and still win more money even if they lose. There are many ways in which you can apply the Handicap but most importantly it is when one team (usually the underdog) is given ‘’points’’ or ‘’goals’’ head-start in that match by the bookmakers. With that, the underdog has the chance to have a winning result for your bet even if they lose the actual match.

Full goal Asian Handicaps

Full goal Asian Handicaps give you odds that are better for you as a better than the fixed odds. The stronger team in Asian Handicaps is given negative goal value and the underdog has plus goal value and that means that they can start the match even. If we take as an example a match where Chelsea being the stronger team. Plays against Watford being the underdog here are two situations that can happen:

You will win this bet if keeps that advantage

The underdog at the Bet365 can be taken at +2.00 goals with offered odds of 9/10 or in other words that means that Watford would start the game 2-0 in the terms of the Asian Handicap bet. You as a bettor will win this bet if the underdog (Watford) keeps that advantage or in other words if they don’t lose that match by more than one goal. For example, the result at the end of the match is 1-0 for Chelsea. In the Asian Handicap bet it will be 2-1 for Watford and that means that Watford is the winner of the bet even if they lost that match.

Win by three or more goals

The stronger team can be taken at -2.00 goals at Bet365 and the odds might be 19/20. This, in other words, means that Chelsea (the stronger team) needs to win by three or more goals for you to win the bet. So if the result at the end of the match is 3-0 for Chelsea you will win the bet. If Chelsea wins with just 1-0 you will lose the bet.

If the match ends up being draw at the end, you will win the first bet. Where the underdog is taken at +2.00 goals. Because in the Asian Handicap bet it would be actually 2-0 for the Watford. And if the match ends up draw you will lose the bet in the second situation.

Draw No Bet

If you see a 0 beside a team it means that it is actually a ‘Draw No Bet’ option or in other words known as level-ball Asian Handicap. If your team wins you will win the bet and if the match ends up draw you will be refunded. You will lose your bet of course if your team does not win that match.

You can as well see -0.50 goals for Chelsea when it comes to Asian Handicap betting. This can be explained like this:

The distance between -1.00 goals and -2.00 goals has quarter and half intervals (0 (-0.25) (-0.50) (-0.75) -1.00. These intervals are actually splitting the difference between the next closest two-quarter bets. To make it more simple, if you bet quarter goal. You are actually splitting your bet by placing half of your money on one handicap beneath the quarter goal. The other half to the next handicap above the quarter goal. If you bet on -0.50 in the same example from above you would place half of your money on the closest two handicaps either side of it. If you place £100 on Watford for +0.75 with a price of 17/5 at Bet365. You are placing £50 on Watford +0.50 and £50 on Watford +1.

Asian Handicap conclusion

So +0.50 Asian Handicap means that Watford should win the match. However, the match to end up draw in order for them to win the bet because the underdog has started with a half goal advantage. With +1.00 the underdog will need to win or the match to end up draw. In order for you to win the bet but here the difference is that if Watford loses just by one goal you are going to be refunded.


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