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5Dimes Overview

5Dimes is a veteran of offshore betting. They’ve been around for over 20 years and up until very recently have had very few complaints. They are based out of Costa Rica and have an American sports focus. However, they do have a decent spread of the main soccer leagues throughout the world. It’s not as expensive as some leagues but should satisfy most players.

Betting Bonuses

5Dimes takes a unique approach to customer rewards. Instead of one set program, they offer a variety of options and allow the user to pick.

The most popular option (and what the default rewards set to) is the “Reduced Juice” program. It gives you reduced prices on select sports. It seems that soccer is not included in this list so if you only bet on soccer, this may not be the program for you.

Another option is the “FreePlay, MatchPlay, and Lotto” program. It offers a new player over 50% in free play rewards up to $520 for use on sports betting. This is a great option for someone that only bets on soccer since the first program doesn’t include that game. There is also 50% match play in the casino and free lottery shots for new players. This program also has a reloadability which gives you up to $500 in sportsbook betting rewards and is dependent on how and how much is replenished in the account. It also offers 33% match play in the casino and additional lotto prizes.

The “Cash Back” program gives you 20% cash back with a possibility for an extra 10% cash back. The “30% Super Saver Reward” offers you a discount on parlays and is not available for soccer. The “Point Mover” program is for NFL lines only. The “Casino Rebate” program gives you a 21% rebate on all casino losses.

Bet at 5dimes

The “On the House” program deposits money on what would be your 8th and 9th deposit and bases the amount on what you’ve collected the seven times prior. This is a program with lots of stipulations, and you must contact the company to be put into this program so be sure to read the fine print.

The “Free Payout” program allows you to withdraw winnings without a fee.

All of these programs will be ideal for someone. However, be sure you are confident in which program will be best for you as you cannot switch after you have chosen one.


5Dimes offers a lot of different reward schemes and plenty of sportsbook option. Their customer service seems to be decent and is available 24 hours a day. However, just recently customers have noticed unauthorized charges on their cards from 5Dimes. Whether this is a hack, a glitch in the system or intentional is uncertain, but customer service seems to be a bit overwhelmed by the problem. 5Dimes also has a charity to help support local initiatives such as schools in the area. This is a nice bonus for folks who like to see companies put money back into the communities they operate. All in all, 5Dimes appears to be a decent choice, but users may want to watch their card statement carefully.